Facebook & Instagram

We all pretty much know what Facebook is. Many of us have even set-up our Facebook business page and put a like button on our website. This is a good start. Facebook is a good way to get started with Social Media Advertising.


If you are a business professional I suggest spending more time on your LinkedIn account than any other place. This is not a place to ask all of your buddies to join. Build up your list slowly, ask for referrals with everyone you work with. It’s the board room of the social media space.


Twitter is more important than Facebook in my opinion. It’s also a little harder to grasp the basic concepts. If you don’t have a twitter account, start one immediately and start following all sort of people, that is the best way to get your feet wet.


Whether you’re traveling, looking for a new place to eat in your home town, or trying to find a good local business, Yelp is probably the most popular site for your needs. You can search by phrases, like ‘cheap dinner’, types of businesses, like ‘lumber’ or ‘restaurant’, or even by the neighborhood you’re looking in just to see what’s around. With Yelp, users are rewarded for their input on the businesses they visit with status changes to their account, ‘Elite’ being the highest most sought after


Reddit is a collection of people on the internet who share anything and everything they find worthy of sharing. From my experience there is little to no censorship, so be careful when browsing Reddit’s pages, lest you stumble on something you did not want to see. Reddit also has a forum setup, so long threads of conversation over a single image or topic, regularly take place.


Pinterest describes itself as “an online pinboard”. It is basically that. At Pinterest there are recipies, activities, fashions, quotes, all sorts of things, posted to the site. Your job is to ‘pin’ the things you see that you like to your page for all of your Pinterest followers to see. Followers can repin things to their page for their followers to see. Pinterest can be linked with Facebook or Twitter and the things you pin will also be posted on those sites as well.


Blogspot and Blogger seem to be the same site. Both are run through Google and they are both blogging sites. With these sites it’s more about the writing than the pictures, but you can add pictures as well. Blogger allows users to customize their domain name slightly, where you can change the prefix before ‘blogger.com’ to whatever you see fit.