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php coding websiie

PHP Laravel Development


  • Radius server instance on an Linux/Ubuntu
  • CloudTrax network integration
  • PHP/MySQL Laravel (dev, staging, production) running on Git branches  utilizing artisan database migrations
  • MailChimp API integration



C#, Angular, React

Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)

  • Client relations
  • Store and retrieve data for the accreditation
  • Backend Admin and Reporting
  • PDF Generation
  • Digital Signatures
  • User\Permissions Matrix
System Overview

CALEA Information Management & Reporting System (CIMRS) for the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). CIMRS enables CALEA and its clients to store and retrieve data for the accreditation process of four types of programs: 1) Law Enforcement, 2) Campus Security, 3) Training Academy, 4) Communications. Each program is versioned and can potential change from year to year. The project has been successfully completed and is now in a maintenance contract to address any issues or add small new features.

CIMRS has a client relations component that allows certain credentialed users to receive email notifications when data is ready for review. Once reviewed, the client could then enter feedback that would be stored and become part of the accreditation process

CIMRS has a considerable backend administration section. The primary functions are client and user admin, and accreditation program admin. The user admin allows you to assign roles and clients to users. The accreditation admin enables you to create new accreditation programs and versions. There is also an import tool for CSV files that contain program data into CIMRS.  

CIMRS generates numerous PDF reports crucial to the accreditation process. These reports contain compiled statistics as well as pie charts generated from Charts.js. CIMRS also contains a digital signature system.  


PHP and Jquery

PHP, MySQL ,CodeIgniter., Propel, JQuery

Update to the MarketLink Brokerage System (MBS).

  • QuickBooks accounting integration
  • CodeIgniter framework and Propel ORM migration
  • Custom Broker\buyer marketplace

The MBS was a major overhaul of an existing CRM system and added many features. Major revisions to the db structure for new features and performance. Large code refactor for CodeIgniter framework and Propel ORM migration.

The MBS system consisted of a custom CRM that allowed clients (farmers) to communicate with brokers who buy their grains. Clients could also track their shipments from associated carriers. The CRM portion consisted of many common client and sales tracking features.

MBS consisted of four main parts: (1) client functionality, (2) broker functionality, (3) carrier functionality, (4) QuickBooks accounting integration. The legacy system had a basic model and authentication system for clients and brokers but this was greatly enhanced and integrated with the new carrier and accounting pieces.

MBS client functions allow an authorized user/farmer to search for brokers to sell their grains to. Clients can also communicate with the brokers and would receive email reminders about new pricing and other news. After selling their grains clients could then search and communicate with carriers who would ship their grains to their destination. Tracking of shipments was also available.

MBS broker functions allow an authorized user/grain broker to post prices and quantities of grains they were looking to buy. Brokers entered their geographical data in to MBS, which allowed clients and brokers to use proximity to decrease shipping costs and prevent spoilage. Brokers can also communicate with clients and carriers.

MBS carrier functionality allow an authorized user/grain shipper to post prices for grain shipments by weight and distance from clients to brokers. Carrier prices are perishable and changed due to the variable price of fuel. Carriers can also communicate with brokers and clients about shipping rates and statuses.

MBS Quickbooks integration allow MBS invoices to by imported into Quickbooks once certain criteria were meet. Both client and carrier invoices were included in the sync. Quickbooks would also update the invoices in MBS once they were marked as paid.


WooCommerce Projects

WordPress E-commerce



Recurring membership system with paywall content provided by  WooCommerce Subscriptions.  Modifications were made via a child theme to alter the base Divi template.
higher ed

iOS Mobile App, Objective C

Purdue University | Mobile App Development Press Release
  • Main UI interface was built on top of the Google Maps SDK for iOS.
  • Current real-time crime data
  • reports and views of past crime data
  • forecasting for future incidents


Dev Ops Client Logo

Dev Ops Project

Jenkins, Selenium, Nightwatch

The core objective is to automate the testing and deployment process of a web application, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring the reliability of builds before they are deployed.

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Ubuntu. Java, Spring, BootStrap

Custom platform to run on medical grade tablets that were used to calibrate and monitor the pH of fluids in up to 8 separate culture pods.The software (HYDRA) was designed to read and send data to client built optical sensors connected via USB.

We started by helping the client decide on the proper hardware to develop this software on. After trying a few options we settled on the Teguar Medical Tablet PCs. Next we picked Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for the OS and Java Spring web app running on Apache Tomcat. Google’s Chrome browser was used to access the user interface.

HYDRA has four main functions: (1) Calibration and Standardization, (2) Sensor configuration, (3) pH Sensor monitoring, (4) download pH readings.

HYDRA’s calibration and standardization gives the user the ability to implement technical standards to each pod. The user will start the standardization process by equilibrating the sensors overnight. Once this is completed you can configure the pod sensor for use.

HYDRA’s sensor configurations lets you update a sensor’s acceptable pH limits and run quality assurance tests to make sure the sensor was working within acceptable parameters. Each sensors operational lifetime varied.

HYDRA’s ph sensor monitoring had two views. The home page and individual pod views. The home page was a color coded live view of all active pods and their last pH reading. The individual pod page showed a detailed view of the pod and a configurable graph representation of the data.

HYDRA’s download function allowed authorized users to download a CSV file of pH data from the pod sensors. The interface allowed the user to select one or all pods and date range of data to download. The user also had the option to download all available data.

PHP and Selenium

PHP, Selenium, Laravel, Jquery, BootStrap

Data 360


Selenium  automated screen scrape tool for social media 
Responsive web application scraped data views.

user and project management
database querying and management

Selinum would crawl the site and scrape data based on some configurable terms and store the results an a full-text search enable MySql database. This data can then be queried and archived from the web interface.

The sysetm scrapes and stores postings and some images based configurable search terms. The scrape is automated to fire off every night and there is also an archive procedure to keep the active data set from getting too massive.

The Data 360 spider a website feature allows an authorized user to initiate a web crawl of a certain website and screen scrape data based on certain terms. The data derived from these crawls could be queried and then archived once it was no longer needed.


api client project redsalmon

Payment Gateway API Integration

  • Stripe API Version 3
  • Custom PHP/MySQL code


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