Content Creation,  SEO, Social Media $50\hr

Leval 1 IT Support, $50\hr

Jr. Development $75\hr 

WordPress Support | HTML CSS PhotoShop | SEO and Marketing

Sr. Development  $120\hr

PHP, Java, Javascript, Web Development, App\Tablet development

Legacy Support $150\hr

Classic ASP, Perl, ColdFusion, IIS 6, Legacy C Compiler, FoxPro, Pascal and more…

Computer Network Support: Onsite $150\hr, Remote $95\hr

Rate Discounts

  • 20% discount for WordPress Support and Jr Development when purchased in pre-paid block of time (minimum 5 hrs)
  • Discount avalible for non profits

Payment Terms

  • All payments for equipment and media purchases are due in full before purchase
  • Smaller projects require quick turn around time.
  • Larger projects with flat bids require milestone payments
  • Hourly rate project require payment on 15 and 1st of the month.
  • Interest on past due payments accrues at 18% per annum
  • One hour minimun for all spot rate support requests. New customer payment due within 24 hrs. Existnig customers due on Firday
  • 1/2 hour billable increments for clients under support agreement
  • Block of support hour are good for one caledar year


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