Learning Web Design, HTML, graphic design, and cloud based web design tools

This article provided an overview of what it takes to learn how to build website with a focus on WordPress. It is not a compressive step by step guide. It’s more of list of all the tools and tecnologies that are common in an agency like settings.

Topics Covered

  • Buying a domain and Setting Up Hosting
  • HTML, CSS, FTP, and Photoshop
  • Building a site with WordPress
  • SEO and other Online Marketing tools
  • Other tools of the Trade

Buying an Domain Name

The first step in getting your website off the ground is to purchase a domain name. You do this from a Register like Godaddy or NameCheap. The cost can vary from about $8 a year to about $30. They are all about the same, except you can Call Godaddy on the phone, and many of the discount providers like Name Cheap you can only user their chat system. Once you buy the domain name you then set your DNS (domain name services) entires to point your website and email services to the hosting provider. Most register companies like Godaddy also provide affordaible hosting services, but they are not high quality services. You typical do not use the same provier for email and the website.


A hosting provider give you server space on the internet. This is where you website lives, or its also the company that will run your email. Most small websites run on Linux and not Microsoft servers. WordPress requires specific WordPress style hosting, We recommend using WP Engine in most cases, and we also provide hosting on our private server systems.

HTML, CSS, FTP and Photoshop

HTML and CSS are know as “tagging” languages. They are the easies way to learn how to “code”, and can be used to build a website from scratch with a simple txt editor. While nobody really builds a website from scratch anymore, some basic HTML and CSS is almost a must have for anybody building a WordPress site, or building and HTML site from a template. For those starting out you should read a few into html, css books or go over tutorials online and on YouTube. FTP is the program used to transfer files from your local computer to the Webhost. Photoshop is one of the more popular programs for building graphics. Something that is a must in building any type of website.

https://www.w3schools.com/ W3 School is an excellent Free resource for leaning how to code. A newbie should review thier tutorials on HTML and CSS.

Building a site on WordPress

Probably the best way to learn about WordPress is to watch Youtube Videos. Recommended Videos Coming Soon

SEO and other Online Marketing tools

Google Analytics – Google tool for tracking all the website traffic on your website. You have to setup and account, create a tracking code, embeded that tracking code on every page on your website. They you can run reports in Google Analytics to view website visitors, where they came from, and what they did on your site.

Google Search Console – Google no longer provide complete detail on the key words users type in to find your website. AKA “The search query”. This tool provides a snap shot of the the phrases, and a few other tools to help optimize your website.

Google Ad Words – Google’s Adverting system where you pay for search placement. Also known as Pay Per Click. The basic idea is pick some keywords you like, make a text ad. They you tell Google how much your willing to pay every time somebody click on your ad and visits your website. The more your willing to pay per click, the higher your ad goes in the paid listing. It can takes months and years to get your website to rank well in the free results for competitive key words, You can have a PPC campaign up in a few days. Most of the traffic for competitive key words goes through the paid ads, as they are placed in front of the free listings. Organic listings is just another term for the Free listings.

SEMRush – Our preferred high end SEO Tool. Basic account cost $100 a month. It help track your rankings, site health, and backlinks. There are about 20 popular SEO tools like SEM Rush.

Other tools of the Trade

Toggle – One of the more popular free time tracking tools

Zoom – One of the more popular screen sharing programs

Slack – A communication tool that is meant to replace email. Sort of a private msg board.

Trello – A project management tools that use Boards, Cards and swim lanes. AKA Kanban