What is WordPress Theme?

All wordpress sites use a theme that provides the layout and look and feel of the WordPress website. Content and Images are stored in a a database, and your theme displays them as a fully funcional website. You can swap out themes without changing your content.

What it a Child Theme?

WordPres themes are built on open source software, so many WordPres sites have custom code that changes up the theme. While you can edit the theme code files directly, when you run updates from the theme vendor they will break your code custoimzatins. To get around this, you use a software sytem knows as a child theme to act as the software repo for theme code modifications.

What is Responsive Design?

Building a responsive website is creating web pages that change their layout depending on the screen size. The way one does this is “Responsive Design” or Responsive Web Fesign. Most modern web designers feel this is the only proper way to build a website. These types of websites work well in both mobile and desktop screen sized, and hopefully some tables and laptops. The other major mobile friendly design technique is to build a completely different website for the Smartphone, then use JavaScript code to detect the user’s computer screen size, and re-direct mobile users to the mobile site.

What is the difference between and “App” and a mobile website.

A Simple mobile website can be built for a few hundred dollars. Mobile “Apps” that are downloaded through ITunes and Google Play start around $5,000 for a very simple system. The mobile Website looks like an IPhone or Android App, but are built as HTML Pages. Basically, you have 2 sites. One for desktop and one for mobile. “Sniffer” technology can detect if a person is viewer your website on a smartphone or computer, and delivers the appropriate version of the website.

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