This is a quick guide to assist our clients in the setup and configuration of the Google Tools needed for SEO and Website Traffic Tracking. You will need to have a Gmail account and these tutorials assume you are signed into your browser with the proper Gmail account. Below are the best and shortest YouTube Videos we could find on the steps needed, and more instructions from us.

There are three unique Google tools necessary for SEO.

Google Business Profile

This is what drives your map listing and is a profile that you complete with location, business hours, and other profile information. You have to claim the business if they already have it listed. Many of our clients have these already, and all that is required is granting our account management Gmail address access to your Business Profile. If you do not have one, we can assist you over Screen Share in this process.

Google Analytics
This is the software used to track all the traffic that comes into your website. There is a tracking code snippet that is generated that is then inserted into the website. Like the business profile, you just need to grant our gmail address access to the account, or provide the code snippet.

Google Search Console

This is the third tool, and provides some search query data, and access to other SEO reiterated tasks such as site map, backlinks, and search query data. Like the other two tools, you can grant us access to review, and\or manage this account.


What if I can’t access my Google Analytics or Search Console account?

We can re-create these under a new Gmail address, you will lose access to any historical data about your website traffic. This is not a major task, and not as critical as not being able to access an existing Business Profile account.

How do I migrate all of these out of my personal Gmail account?

We can create you a new gmail account, and then we can assist in process of granting admin access to the new account, and our management accounts, some screen share assistance may be required to migrate account ownership to the new gmail account.

What is the difference between and admin and the owner account?

The anser is different for the 3 differnt tools. Search Consonol and Business Listing have a simple archetuure, Google Analtics is more complex: Google Anatics Account Overview – Click here

Is there a separate account for the Paid Search Ads?

Yes, Google Ad Words is covered in another post topic, one final tools that is also not covered in this topic is Google Ad Sense, that is Google’s tool for selling ads on your website.

Access Granting Videos

Business Listing

Analytics | Grant Access

Search Console | Grant Access

Install Video Tutorials

Install Google Analytics

Google Search Console Verification with DNS

Creating your Business Listing

We have two videos for this, this system has been changing frequently the past year, it’s one of the more difficult things to manage.